TV of the future; all on-demand?

An area of cultural shift that I’ve been long interested in (and have previously written about, please see: 2008 and Millennial Consumption), is millennials’ unique consumption and spend patterns verses the dominant consumption culture established by the boomers. The Great Recession, 2008 Presidential Election, and the then newly emerging Sharing Economy companies all demanded attention from Millennials in particular, and catalyzed a shift in millennial values away from those established by the boomers. Where boomers were consumers, millennials are users and makers; conspicuous consumption is out and peer-to-peer collaboration and sharing is in. But what does that mean for media consumption? Traditional TV and digital music?

I had the opportunity to discuss these topics with an incredible group of technology and media leaders, organized and led by Jefferson Graham. Jefferson is USA Today’s technology columnist, and the host and producer of the Talking Your Tech and Talking Tech video series. He has authored 9 books, including the recently released “Video Nation: A DIY Guide to Planning, Shooting and Sharing Great Video” (Peachpit Press).

Please find the USA Today post of the conversation here:

My fellow panelists were Ted Cohen, music industry veteran and Managing Partner of the Tag Strategic consultancy, Brad Brooks, CEO of TigerText, Adam Weber, Vice President of Marketing at the Dollar Shave Club, Kimberly King Burns, Heads of Digital Media at Convergenz, and Neil Goldberg, founder of App One. In addition to the discussion of media content and distribution, we hit on Google’s antitrust fight in the EU and the Apple Watch release.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Alyse first learned about business building and entrepreneurship from my grandfather; here stemmed her affinity for builders. Always rooting for underdogs and outsiders. Alyse Killeen is an Investment Team member at March Capital Partners in Santa Monica, CA. She is a mentor at Plug and Play Tech Center's Bitcoin and Fintech Accelerator, and an advisor to America Innovates, the The Vinetta Project, Factom, and Vahlte. Alyse has previously invested with Future\Perfect Ventures in NYC, and Clearstone Venture Partners in Santa Monica, and continues to support the active portfolio companies of both firms. Distributed ledger technologies, data application, fintech, connected devices (IoT), the sharing economy, and healthcare IT are areas of investment focus. Alyse has presented globally on the confluence of cryptographic currency and peer-to-peer marketplaces, and has authored a book chapter on the same subject. Prior to working in Venture Capital, Alyse conducted research in the field of biopsychology with a focus on cognition's impact on cardiovascular outcome and immunological function. She earned an MS degree in Health Psychology as a Maytag Fellow, publishing Master's Thesis: Chronic fatigue syndrome and natural killer cell function.

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